Linda Shaver-Gleason, Ph.D. Musicologist, Writer, Program Annotator, Teacher


Linda has years of teaching experience in classrooms, lecture halls, and private settings. She has shared her knowledge and love of music to people with diverse backgrounds and a broad range of musical training. From absolute beginners to professional musicians, Linda will teach anyone with a desire to learn more about music.

Private Instruction

While few music teachers would argue that knowing music theory is important for learning how to sing or play music, few of them have the time or training to focus on theory during traditional private lessons. They often neglect theory skills at the expense of training technique and repertoire, hoping that their students will just pick it up as they go along.

When students are later evaluated on theory skills for programs such as Piano Guild or Certificate of Merit, or placement exams for conservatory, they are forced to think analytically about concepts that they've previously only had to intuit, and they become frustrated. Theory seems impenetrable and unnecessary, something that takes lesson time away from playing rather than something that enhances their knowledge of music.

Rather than leaving theory to instructors whose primary training is in vocal or instrumental technique, learn from someone who specializes in teaching music theory. Devoting lessons to theory concepts reinforces it as an integral component of musical training, not an afterthought.

Linda transfers the skills she honed in the classroom to helping students on an individual basis. She has taught music theory to pre-college students training for intense conservatory courses, as well as talented middle school and high school students preparing for the Certificate of Merit assessment.

She is available for private sessions in music theory and music history, in person or online. All levels are welcome, from beginner to expert. Call or email her today to get started!

College-level Teaching

While a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Linda taught the following courses:

While an undergraduate at Lawrence University, Linda held the following positions: