Linda Shaver-Gleason, Ph.D. Musicologist, Writer, Program Annotator, Teacher

Public Writing

In addition to writing program notes, Linda writes essays and articles about music aimed at a broad readership. She started her blog, Not Another Music History Cliché, in May 2016, with the goal of being a "classical music Snopes," debunking music history myths. Since then, it has grown to offer commentary on many aspects of classical music culture, from snobbery to composer hero-worship.

"[My] job is to stimulate enthusiasm, not quash it. Since I threw myself into the business of debunking myths, I'm at risk of being the pedant who derails an interesting conversation with, 'Well, actually...' Sometimes I worry I'm so caught up in correcting misconceptions about music that I give the impression I don't actually like it. That's motivated me to write more than just corrections, to explain why the history matters and hopefully replace the warm fuzzies of a feel-good false narrative with an awed appreciation for history."

From "Not Another Music History Blog! Public Musicology on the Internet,"
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Essays on Other Sites

Linda has written about musicological matters for other websites, both music- and non-music-focused:

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